get a bad credit car loan


1.  Is there a fee to apply for approval for an Instant Car Loan In Texas?

No.  Filling out an online auto application is absolutely free.

2.  Do I need to provide more information to get approved?

Yes.  The online approval form is a short form.  For your privacy and safety, we ask for only basic information and a special finance manager will contact you.

3.  How will I know how much I am qualified for?

A special finance manager will contact you as soon as he receives your approval application to schedule an appointment.  He will let you know your buying POWER at the time of your visit at the dealership.

4.  I have bad credit with a repo, bankruptcy, divorce and foreclosure.  Can I be approved?

We have over 10 locations working with buyers tailoring to every specific need.  We ask that you let us know your status when buying a car to avoid any delays.  We have a 98% approval rate and can work in getting you in a vehicle.

5.  Do I need a down payment?

Every situation is different.  You may qualify with little to no money down.

6.  I want to be prepared when going to the dealership.  What do I need to bring?

Every case is different and every location has different requirements.  In some cases, you may still need to verify at least a year of employment (present or previous), 2 current paystubs, 2 forms of proof of residence (phone bill, light bill, etc.), driver license and valid auto insurance, The financial expert will contact you to walk you through the steps and make sure you have all the information to be prepared before a visit.  It will help you spend LESS time at the dealership and drive out in your new vehicle.

7.  If my spouse and I are buying a car together and we apply for a joint application, what information will my spouse need?

In some cases, they may need to verify the same information as number 6 above.

8.  If I have bad credit, am I only approved to buy a used car?

No, with 100s of new and used vehicles a special finance manager will help you go through the auto loan process and get you in the vehicle that fits your budget.


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