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The articles you want to read!  Learn more about special financing, auto loans, understanding credit and the automotive industry.  Read more articles by clicking on link under "More Helpful Articles".

Statistics report that there are some jobs or careers that will no longer exist in 2023.  The growth in online businesses and large corporations offering more and more online services may be the cause for some of the dying jobs.  With that said, it’s important to educate yourself to ensure you make the right decisions and most of all informed decisions when shopping online.

We are not only purchasing clothes, toys, gift baskets, gift cards online….we are purchasing cars, appliances, furniture!  We have gone to a bigger scale when shopping online.  It doesn't take away from you taking a stroll down to your local dealership and taking your dream car for a test drive.  But---you can now schedule a test drive online.  So you see, the options online are endless.  Take a few minutes to read through some articles to understand what people are now doing when shopping or leasing a vehicle.

Read, read, read is the key to making an informed decision.  Sit down and have a cup of coffee while reading the articles on this page.  You will find at least one if not all these articles beneficial and valuable.  We still want to hear from you, so take second to complete a short form to let us know what vehicle you are looking for.  It's a no hassle no commitment quick application and we will immeditely call you to schedule you in---at your convenience.  Access the form by clicking here.

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